The Small Non-Profits Alliance is an online community where small charities can connect, learn and grow.  

As the first one-stop-shop for Australia’s small non-profits, the Alliance will;

  • Link small charities with experts who will provide advice and services tailored to their specific needs
  • Create a place for small charities to connect with each other and share knowledge
  • Empower small non-profits to be heard in their communities so they can fulfil their mission as well as attract more donors and volunteers

Learn more about the purpose and mission of the Small Non-Profits Alliance from Founder Bianca Crocker:




Learn more about Our Team here and Our Partners here.


Small non-profits feel confident to deliver their mission, connected to each other and respected within our community.


We exist to support and empower small non-profits by giving them access to relevant knowledge, while cultivating connections with their peers so they can focus on giving a voice to specific and local challenges within our community.

Our Manifesto

We believe…

  • There are many advantages to being small, just ask Tinker Bell.
  • Inspiration is what gets you started, Passion is what keeps you going.
  • The size of a non-profit doesn’t dictate its impact
  • A better world is possible if we just work together
  • A big heart still needs strategy

We strive to…

  • Change the narrative about small non-profits by challenging stereotypes and biases
  • Create a more level playing field for all charities
  • Be empathetic toward specific needs of small non-profits
  • Foster collaboration and encourage knowledge-sharing
  • Celebrate local communities and grassroots approaches to solving social problems