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Join Small Non-Profits Founder Bianca Crocker as she talks to some of the most inspiring and interesting personalities in the small non-profit community.

Small But Mighty is the podcast of the Small Non-Profits Alliance, offering expert advice and resources for small non-profits. Featuring interviews with charity sector experts on fundraising, marketing or governance advice.
Small But Mighty podcast for small charities

Episode 1 – Meet the Small Non-Profits Alliance Team

In Episode #1 of Small But Mighty, the podcast for small charities, meet the team behind the Small Non-Profits Alliance, hear about the vision behind the creation of the Alliance and learn what’s coming up for members of the Alliance in June and July.

Alliance Founder Bianca chats to Small Non-Profits Founding Partner and Marketing Maven Kirsty Wallett of The K Franc Social, about the inspiration behind the Small Non-Profits Alliance, and why they are both passionate about supporting Australia’s small non-profits. LISTEN.

Episode 2 – Six fundraising & marketing tips for your small non-profit

Alliance Founder Bianca, and Founding Partner Kirsty share their top six tips for success for fundraising and marketing for your small non-profit. With a new financial year upon us, this advice is all about sharing straightforward ideas you can start implementing in your organisation tomorrow. LISTEN.

Episode 3 – A story of slow but steady growth: Foster Care Association of Victoria

In our August episode of Small But Mighty we talk to Katie Hooper, CEO of the Foster Care Association of Victoria, an organisation that has increased in size considerably over the past 10 years under Katie’s leadership. As she transitions out of the organisation, Katie reflects on the slow but steady approach they’ve had to purposeful growth. LISTEN.

Episode 4 – People power for animals: Farm Animal Rescue

In our September episode of Small But Mighty, we chat to Brad King, Founder of Farm Animal Rescue, a sanctuary for animals at Dayboro in Queensland. Brads shares with us how they turned a challenging situation with the government on its head, through perseverance, people power and staying true to their values. LISTEN.

Episode 5 – The power of social enterprise: St Kilda Gatehouse

In Episode 5 of Small but Mighty, we talk to Andie Patchett from St Kilda Gatehouse, who established a social enterprise to help build financial sustainability for this small non-profit.

Two years on, Andie shares with us the strength and power they’ve found in social enterprise, the lessons they’ve learnt and how community-led development has supported their success. LISTEN.

Episode 6 – Living for the moment, loving for a lifetime: HAS Foundation

Five years ago Ella Stratton and her husband lost their beautiful boy, Hunter, at age 12.

After a normal pregnancy and delivery, and at just eight weeks old, Hunter had his first seizure. The doctors were never able to clearly diagnose the cause of Hunter’s illness.

Ella’s heartbreaking experience with Hunter inspired her to develop the HAS Foundation, and after a successful first year supporting families with children experiencing life limiting illness, she is sharing her experience as a small but mighty organisation. LISTEN.

Episode 7 – Five tips to kickstart your small non-profit in 2020

In our last episode for 2019, Alliance Founder Bianca, and Founding Partner, Kirsty, share their Top 5 Tips to Kickstart your small non-profit in 2020. From fundraising to marketing and wellness, start 2020 off on the right foot for your small charity. LISTEN.

Episode 8 – The tragedy and generosity of the Australian bushfire crisis

With such a devastating start to 2020 for so many Australians, Bianca and Kirsty discuss the bushfire crisis, the important role of small charities and the impact on the charity sector.

A thank you to volunteers and a reflection on the still-developing crisis, Bianca and Kirsty talk about the huge success of online and Facebook fundraising campaigns, issues around funding and philanthropy, and what it all means for the sector going forward. LISTEN.

Episode 9 – The Little Mouse that Roared – Lolly Jar Circus Inc

Alliance Founder, Bianca, chats with Judy Bowden, from the inspirational Lolly Jar Circus in South Australia.

Judy tells the story of this small but mighty non-profit working to create positive change in the lives of young people via fun, social circus activity. Through the skills of tumbling, trapeze and juggling, young people learn the skills for life and fitness. Judy also shares some of their learning and wisdom working as a small organisation. LISTEN.

Episode 10 – Navigating uncharted waters: Advice for small non-profits during COVID-19

Given the challenges and changes in everyone’s lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bianca chats with charity sector expert Margaret Scott, with advice for small non-profits navigating this unprecedented time. LISTEN.

Short Stuff: Saying thank you to donors

In this episode of Short Stuff, Small Non-Profits Alliance Founder Bianca Crocker explains why ‘thank you’ is possibly the most important thing you’ll ever say to your donors. And why, during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more vital to than ever to engage with your donors. You can find the template resources referenced in this episode in our Knowledge Hub here.

Small But Mighty’s Short Stuff is advice for small non-profit success, in under five minutes. LISTEN

Episode 11: Holy Fools Founder Neal Taylor

Bianca chats to Neal Taylor, Founder of Holy Fools, a grassroots small non-profit working to support the homeless and disadvantaged in the Yarra Ranges region in Victoria.

Neal explains the unique challenges for the homeless and outreach services during the COVID-19 pandemic, shares his incredible journey from a career in film and TV to founding his organisation, and shares tips for other independent charities. LISTEN.

Episode 12: Lively Founder Anna Donaldson

In this episode of Small But Mighty, Bianca chats to Anna Donaldson, Founder and CEO of Lively, a unique and innovative Melbourne-based small non-profit employing young people to help older people stay connected.

Anna shares advice on how small non-profits can work closely philanthropic funders for better outcomes, as well as how the organisation is tackling the challenges of the COVID-19 environment and aged care. LISTEN.

Episode 13: Sean Gordon, Founder of SchoolAid

In this uplifting episode, Bianca chats with Sean Gordon, OAM, the Founder of SchoolAid, an organisation empowering young philanthropists in schools to raise money for charitable causes.

SchoolAid has helped 6500 schools participate in more than 75 campaigns, raising $5.5 million for charitable causes, both internationally and in Australia. Sean shares amazing insights and his philosophy on giving and philanthropy, and the direct links this has to improving wellbeing. LISTEN.

Episode 14: Mid-year health check for small non-profits

It’s time to get a check-up! In this light-hearted episode, Bianca and Kirsty recommend their top tips for doing your own small non-profit ‘half-year health check’. The continuing COVID-19 pandemic has thrown all the usual plans for 2020 into chaos, so now is the perfect time to take your small non-profit’s pulse. Bianca and Kirsty answer questions like – ‘Should I just throw away my 2020 fundraising plan?’, ‘How do I know if my social media posts are working any more?’ and ‘Isn’t the digital space too crowded now?’

Whatever the result of your small non-profit’s check-up, you can be sure the answer isn’t to persist with business as usual. Bianca and Kirsty recommend simple and quick ways you can make sure you’re on the right track for the remainder of this challenging year. LISTEN.


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