The Small Non-Profits Alliance is proud to partner with Strategic Grants, and offer our members an exciting 50% discount.

Strategic Grants helps build your small non-profit’s capacity through the GEMS grants database, grant writing, grants training, grants workshops, program design and monitoring and evaluation frameworks and strategic planning for grants success.

The Strategic Grants’ GEM Local program was designed specifically for smaller non-profits to help build your organisation a customised grants calendar based on your legal status, what you do and where you do it.

It doesn’t matter how many grants are in any advertised grants database, it’s about finding only those relevant to your organisation quickly and easily.

GEM Local is your complete grant-seeking solution delivering:

  • An always current customised Grants Calendar finding only the grants relevant to your small non-profit
  • Full access to all the grant and funder records on your personalised Grants Calendar
  • Ability to track progress of your applications including when funder reports are due
  • Additional email alerts on deadlines
  • A succinct Grant-Seeker “How To” manual
  • 30-minute best practice webinar, writing and grants success checklists
  • Key administration to dos and guide to setting up your online presence


As a partner of the Small Non-Profits Alliance, Strategic Grants is offering a 50% discount to our Advanced Members. That’s a saving of more than $200 p/year.

If you’re already an Advanced Member of the Alliance, access the offer here.

And if you’re a Basic Member and you’re keen to get access to this incredible offer, you can upgrade today to Advanced Membership from $20 per month (or $198 per year upfront). UPGRADE HERE.

GEM Local is updated every day by a research team who work over 80 hours per week. It contains all grants relevant to small non-profits, including Council and Government, Philanthropic Trusts and Foundations including Private and Public Ancillary Funds, Corporate and Community Foundations.

We thank Strategic Grants for commitment to supporting small non-profits across Australia.

Grants for small non-profits