Why Small Non-Profits?

By Bianca – 16 January 2019


There are tens of thousands of charities in Australia all working to improve our world in one way or another. Often, though, the largest ones are those that get the most attention. Not only from government, but also corporate Australia and everyday donors.

What a lot of people don’t know is that more than 80% of Australian charities have less than $1m annual revenue. But the size of your bank balance doesn’t dictate the social impact you can have.

These small non-profits employ over 80,000 people and engage almost 1.4 million volunteers, delivering projects and services in education, welfare, health, culture, sport and recreation. Small charities give local and specific social problems a voice and more than one-third are based in regional and remote communities. They work differently to large charities in that they often do more with less, operate locally and are the fabric of their communities.

Why Small Non-Profits? Small Non-Profits Alliance
The objectives of the Small Non-Profits Alliance

After eight years of supporting more than 100 small non-profits through coaching, workshops and consulting, we’ve realised there’s a lot more that needs to be done to support the small charities of Australia. We’ve consulted with small charities to uncover their biggest challenges and found that lack of funding, awareness and strategic decision-making are what prevents them from thriving.

Despite the great work being done and the difference being made, small non-profits are sometimes forgotten. They don’t get the support that could really help improve efficiencies and outcomes.

The Small Non-Profits Alliance is an online community where small charities can connect, learn and grow.  As the first one-stop-shop for Australia’s small non-profits, the Alliance will;

  • Provide linkages with experts who will tailor advice specific to small organisations
  • Create a place for small non-profits to connect with others facing similar challenges, and,
  • Empower them to be heard so they can fulfil their mission as well as attract more donors and volunteers

Without small charities, animals would miss out on care. Without small charities families from regional towns would be separated from their loved ones when in hospital. Without small charities many Aussie kids would go hungry. Without small charities, Australia would be a very different place.

By better supporting small non-profits that are the heart of our community, we will all benefit from the far-reaching social impact they will have collectively.