Grant opportunity: Mercy Foundation’s social justice small grants

Small organisation’s across Australia are encouraged to apply for up to $10,000 from the Mercy Foundation’s Social Justice Small Grants Program.
This program provides seed funding to assist communities and organisations build capacity to help create structural change and bring about greater social justice, with a focus for 2020 of ‘justice in the digital world’.
Applications close  27 April 2020. See the selection criteria and apply here. 
Digital technology has transformed the way we communicate today. However, according to the Australian Catholic Bishop’s Social Justice Statement for 2019-2020, some disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in our community are excluded from online communication as a result of age, income, geography, cultural background and living with a disability.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, both in urban and rural areas face lower rates of digital inclusion. Older people face higher rates of exclusion than the young, largely driven by differences in digital abilities. Many low-income families and people who are long-term unemployed are without the technology that is now essential for accessing basic services and finding work. Projects that address these issues will be prioritised in the 2020 Social Justice Small Grants program.
This may include projects that:
• Provide access to the digital world for people who are currently excluded
• Protect vulnerable groups from being exploited or manipulated online
• Promote genuine human encounter in online neighbourhoods
• Address social exclusion by helping people stay connected with family and friends using online technology
• Address cyber bullying particularly for young people. Grant amounts range from $1,000 to $10,000.
grants for small charities in Australia