Facebook Fundraising resources

As mentioned in our Facebook Fundraising podcast episode, the Alliance offers our members a range of resources to help get you navigate the process of Facebook Fundraising and The PayPal Giving Fund.

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Facebook Fundraising Masterclass webinar

Learn to harness the growing fundraising opportunities of Facebook’s ‘Fundraisers’ and ‘Donations’ features in this step-by-step webinar, and take control of your Facebook fundraising efforts!

Facebook Fundraising webinar for small charities

In this webinar, social media specialist and Alliance Founding Partner, Kirsty Wallett explains how you might already be attracting donations on Facebook (even if you haven’t registered!) and shows you step-by-step the process to apply for Facebook fundraising and Facebook Payments.

You’ll also learn:

– About the Paypal Giving Fund and if you need to create a PayPal account for your non-profit

– What you need to be approved by Facebook to seek donations and be available for ‘personal fundraisers’

– How to check if you are already visible to donors on Facebook, even if you haven’t registered for Facebook Fundraisers

– Watch the actual step-by-step application process through a real case study of a small non-profit


If you’re an Advanced Member of the Alliance you can watch the Facebook Fundraising Masterclass here.


If you’re a Basic Member of the Alliance you can purchase tickets to the Facebook Fundraising Masterclass here.