Grant Opportunity: Pay it Forward Grants WA

Our August Grant Gems Opportunities have been specially selected for small non-profits by our Alliance Partner Strategic Grants.


Grant: ConnectGroups – Pay It Forward Grants 2021

Areas of support:  The objective of Pay it Forward Plan is to be a mental health early
intervention or prevention initiative to: Empower peer Support Groups to achieve positive mental
health outcomes for their members; Contribute to the prevention of mental distress and/or
illness, and the recovery of mental health for peer Support Group members, families and/or
carers; Further peer Support Groups’ mental health supports to their members; Promote good
mental health; Encourage peer Support Groups’ mission, governance, and sustainability.

Eligible regions: WA

Application deadline: 02 September 2021

Grant value: Up to $15,000

Details at:


Pay it forward grants West Australia charities