Grant Opportunity: Harcourts Foundation Grants

Our November Grant Gems Opportunities have been specially selected for small non-profits by our Alliance Partner Strategic Grants.

Grant: Harcourts Foundation Grants Round 51

Areas of support:  Harcourts Foundation has a clear focus on providing grants to reputable
community-based organisations which need funding for projects and initiatives designed to
benefit as many people as possible. We will prioritise applications that demonstrate that their
grant will have the widest community impact. Priority is also given to those areas where the
Harcourts office is currently a financial contributor to The Harcourts Foundation.

Eligible regions: Australia

Application deadline: 03 November 2021

Grant value: Previous state-level grants: $500 – $18,000; national grants: & > $100,000

Details at:


Harcourts Foundation grants